paul charles with his brother

What’s In a Name

Once upon a time, Green Heron, in addition to being one of the world’s few tool-using birds species (often creating fishing lures with bread crusts, insects, and feathers), was also the name of a modest, but stylish hotel located in Miami Beach, Florida.

green heron motel in florida

It was there that we would spend family vacations. Always venturing south from upstate New York in a sturdy old station wagon that had folding seats in the back that would look out the rear window. That’s where my brother and I would sit, side by side, watching the world go by in reverse.

The funny thing was, even though we couldn’t see where we were going, we knew where we were headed, and that made all the difference.

Green Heron Creative was founded upon that same sense of adventure. 

About Paul Charles

Green Heron Creative is led by Paul Charles, a native of upstate New York who’s pleased he has put down roots in Wilmington, North Carolina. He holds a BA degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of South Carolina and an MS degree in Television/Film from the Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. 

Over the years Paul has written, produced, and directed countless programs for both broadcast and non-broadcast television. These programs have ranged from marketing, promotional, and training, to documentaries and broadcast advertising. Paul is a versatile one-stop shop for most projects. For large scale productions, he leverages talented professionals with whom he has developed great working relationships with over the years. 

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