Brooke’s Wall

When a small restaurant sets out to help find a cure for pancreatic cancer that had taken the life of a favorite patron, I worked to tell their unique story. This program was honored at Worldfest Houston, the Richmond International Film Festival, and the Telly awards.

Southern Living Magazine Idea House

Southern Living Magazine’s “Idea House” edition is always one of their most anticipated issues. This program, produced in collaboration with BrandPlace of Wilmington, was the motion compliment to that publication. This is the first in a series produced for Southern Living.

Fork Union Military Academy

Fork Union Military Academy needed an effective marketing tool to boost enrollment. So, I embarked upon a journey to answer the simple question, “Why Fork Union?” The answer will surprise you.

Elizabeth Catlett Retrospective

When Elizabeth Catlett passed away, America lost one of its most beloved African American artists. This program, produced for the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, features one of her most iconic works.

Clubs on Bald Head Island

When the Shoals Club and Bald Head Island Club on Bald Head Island were in need of new promotional material, they asked BrandPlace and Green Heron Creative to lend a hand.

Canines for Service

To help celebrate 25 years of service, Canines for Service asked Green Heron Creative to create a short program to kick off their 25th anniversary Gala.

KBT Community

KBT Realty Group of Keller Williams, was looking for a program to help illustrate their focus on community. Green Heron Creative was asked to create a short promotional to help spread the word.

Old Baldy Foundation Fundraiser

When the Old Baldy Foundation embarked upon a fundraising campaign to raise money for a new campus, they turned to BrandPlace to spearhead their marketing efforts. BrandPlace turned to Green Heron Creative to produce a motion complement.